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When we think of renovation there is one space which comes to our mind immediately – Bathrooms. The focus on a beautiful bathroom is evident by the fact that most people find it a great place to unwind and relax. Gone are the days when a bathroom was considered a space which was outside or just a functionality attached to the house. Today a bathroom renovation adds to an increased value , quality and comfort of your home. When you start a bathroom renovation it is important to consider the needs of the family and the site conditions. People building a home from ground up need not consider the second aspect of site conditions. You have to use the space in the best possible way so that all the needs are looked after well. Try to find ways to add adequate bathroom storage for utilities , towels and other supplies. For the elderly, Grab bars, Anti- Skid floors and enough space to maneuver a wheel chair become important considerations.

How much space do you have?

If you want to really enjoy your bathroom renovation pick up a graph paper , measure your space and draw a plan with the doors , windows , plumbing points ( location of WC , Wash basin and Shower ) , electrical points and light switches. If there is a possibility of changing the plumbing locations, go for it. You can then shift a wall, move the toilet or piping location or maybe move the door. If not, then the plumbing points are the fixed assets you have. You can then play with fixture types , colours, textures of floors and walls and of course lighting. It is cheaper and easier to use the existing plumbing, but it is fairly straightforward to rearrange pipes if they are staying within the same area. You must consider enough movement space around each fixture .

Of course the most efficient and cost effective layout is placing the Wash basin, WC and Shower along the same wall. Minimum space needed for all three in a line is at least 7.5 feet. Dimension in the other direction can be a minimum of 5 feet. A two-wall layout gives you more flexibility. The basin and shower can be on one wall and the WC on the other. The three-wall layout is the most versatile and is possible only in very large bathrooms. Planning well can save you money and time and the pain or rework or alteration.

How to select the correct fixtures for the bathroom ?

The bathroom sink can be mounted on a counter or a pedestal. In small bathrooms with space limitations the pedestal mount is preferred with narrow glass shelves used for storage . In larger bathrooms, the bathroom sink can be part of the vanity where the counter and the sink is of the same material , in most cases Engineered Marble or Corian . In other cases a counter of marble , granite , Corian , glass or any Engineered stone is taken with the sink mounted on top or under the counter or with the rim resting on the counter. Undermount bathroom sinks make it easy to wipe the mess from the counter into the sink while the sinks mounted with rim on counter collect lot of grime on the edges. The sink sitting on top of the counter should be installed only in large bathrooms as visually they occupy a lot of space.

The WC type is dependent on the plumbing pipe location. The WC can be wall or floor mounted or single or double siphon. The flushing type could be cistern or a flush valve and either can be exposed or concealed. Too many parameters? Well that’s where our plumbers or designers help you out. WC size look and colour can be decided once the above parameters are frozen.

The shower area is defined in various ways in Indian Bathrooms. It could be just a 10 mm drop in level of the floor or a toughened glass partition. Tubs are installed in very large bathrooms but are no longer preferred. Shower panels with divertor, multi-way vertical jets , overhead and hand showers complete the luxury segment of bathroom fittings.

What are the storage needs in a bathroom ?

Storage is in the bathroom is dependent on number of people using the space. Accordingly space is allotted for towels, toiletry and cleaning products. Wall cabinets and ladder shelving help you make the most of wall space. Use the floor too - fit in a laundry basket, for example. Also factor in space for your towel rails and hooks. Or you can go in for built bathroom furniture with storage behind the mirror , tall cabinets , drawer units in various finishes.

How to light up the bathroom ?

The most critical area for bathroom lighting is the mirror. Ideally you should have wall-mount lights on each side of the mirror at about eye level ie. five feet from Ground Level , with a third light above the mirror. This arrangement illuminates your face from both sides and above thus eliminating shadows. For general bathroom lighting, use ceiling-mounted fixtures or add style and mood with pendant lights. Enclosed showers usually require enclosed waterproof downlighters. Accent lights can be used on an art work or a planter installed in a corner .

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